Ethos Capital, The Company Buying .org Offers To Sign A Contract Banning Price Hikes

New York (The Verge) — Company offers to sign a contract banning price hikes

Ethos Capital, the private equity firm buying top-level domain manager PIR from the Internet Society, offered to sign legally binding agreements to address concerns over the sale.

ICANN, which oversees the internet’s top-level domains, is currently scrutinizing the acquisition. President and CEO Göran Marby previously expressed discomfort with the deal, and PIR announced today that it’s extending the review period until March 20th.

ICANN hasn’t yet taken a position on the latest proposal. “We are in the process [of] analyzing the information we have received and therefore have no comment beyond the fact that we welcome Ethos’ efforts to engage with the Internet Society community customers, and look forward to the outcome of those discussions,” said Marby in a statement to The Verge. California’s attorney general requested informationfrom ICANN last month regarding the sale and so have a group of lawmakers, including presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Adi Robertson/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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