“#Connected” Is A #Warning About #Technology Wrapped In An Animated Family Road Trip #Movie; #Tech #Privacy

New York (The Verge) — Connected is a warning about technology wrapped in an animated family road trip movie trib.al/AM1Lqgk.

Most road trip movies don’t end with a fleet of robots causing devastation, but that’s what Sony Pictures’ Connected is all about. Thew new movie from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller teases a new take on a classic genre.

Produced by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Connected tells the story of a family making their way to a college across the country where their eldest daughter will attend. It’s an emotional affair, especially for her father who’s coming to terms with his daughter growing up and moving out. Everything’s going smoothly for the modern family — meaning everyone is on their phone or tablet at any given time — until they see an announcement for a new line of autonomous helper robots. Then everything goes to hell.

Connected isn’t shying away from the possible horrors of living in an ever-connected world. The company that makes the dreaded autonomous robots, PAL, seems to be based on Amazon. The logos are eerily similar. Much like Pixar’s Wall-E, Connected is leaning hard into the world people exist in today, addressing the issues that can arise from relying on autonomous technology. Julia Alexander/@verge

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