@Verge — There’s A New Label To Vet Brands’ #ClimateChange Pledges; #Gimmick #Marketing

Has recent “earth-friendly” labeling made any difference to our planet? Take a wild guess. All these new gimmicks does is make certain products more attractive to consumers, and usually comes with a premium price.

New York (The Verge) — There’s a new label to vet brands’ climate change pledges trib.al/0XPMgLI.

Nonprofit organization Climate Neutral is trying to give consumers an easy way to assess brands’ environmental pledges with a new product label. Klean Kanteen and Kickstarter now have the Climate Neutral Certified label.

To be carbon neutral, a company needs to essentially cancel out all its heat-trapping pollution. It might do this by investing in tree-planting efforts or emerging technologies that capture carbon dioxide. Purchasing those carbon offsets or credits, however, is no replacement for actually cutting down greenhouse gas emissions. And as bigger and bigger polluters, including Delta and BP, make their own pledges to become carbon neutral, there’s growing uncertainty over what it will take for a company to actually achieve those aims. Who will hold them accountable? Justine Calma/@verge

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