Coronavirus Slays Drag Events In Seattle


It’s been an long standing tradition of R Place — an LGBT nightclub and cabaret and original home of Robbie Turner — in Seattle, Washington to invite fresh talents of RuPaul’s Drag Race every March to headline their Lashes show for “March DRAGNESS.”

This year was off to a good start with Rock M Sakura, until the closing event, scheduled on the last week of March, which features Sherry Pie, was cancelled due to a scandal that broke out concerning multiple catfishing allegations.

The last two headliners, Gigi Goode and Brita Filter, were later pulled out by their respective management due to coronavirus travel concerns.

RPlace management later issued the following statement on their Facebook page…

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to travel concerns and the CV-19 Virus, all March Dragness Events have been postponed. Later dates to be announced. You can get a full refund at brown paper tickets. But we will be open for business and our regular business hours and Lashes shows will go on with your favorite local talent! — RPlace Management/Mar.

The good news is, March Dragness isn’t canceled, it’s just postpone with an abundance of caution.

So fans, stay tuned!

Source: RPlace


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