#Coronavirus Hits Talents Who Rely On Events For Gigs; #DragRace #LGBT

As tech conferences in North America started canceling early this month, and imported cases and community transmissions of Coronavirus rised, my mind immediately went to RuPaul’s Drag Con Los Angeles, which was scheduled in just a few months, and the taping of RuPaul’s Drag Race finale. Last weekend, while taking part of R Place's annual event called March Dragness — a weekly drag cabaret show headlined by a cast member of the new season of Drag Race, happening each weekend in March — neighboring city, Kirkland, was experiencing its first few cases of the novel virus at a long-term care facility. The show, which attracted a large number of attendees, went on without a hitch.

However, the looming health threat was felt by the nightclub with fewer patrons in the days prior. It was unavoidable to talk about Drag Race-related events, like DragCon, as some were planning to attend, and the show's finale. Then three days ago, the club's management announced that the remaining three shows were being postponed, since the talents' management pulled out for travel safety reasons. Later, DragCon announced it cancelled this year's convention in Los Angeles. With local rules prohibiting public gatherings of 200 people or more, it was certain LGBT events will be impacted. Soon after event cancelations snowballed.

Events are the main livelihood of some talents and performers. They rely on attendees to buy tickets, buy merchandise and give tips. Without these events, who knows how long they can sustain themselves while out of work.

One thing I can think of is, probably start an webseries that is subscription-based or provide some sort of tipping mechanism, or run a live online “talk show”. Whatever it is, this current pandemic will undoubtedly spur innovation and creativity from these talented people. Step up because the alternative can be grim.

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