@Verge — You Can Care About #COVID19 And Also Be Sad When Things Are #Canceled

New York (The Verge) — You can care about COVID-19 and also be sad when things are canceled trib.al/DzeQ3g2.

While it’s important to cancel big events like E3, Coachella, Mobile World Congress, and South By Southwest, it’s also important to allow ourselves (and each other) to mourn them.

It’s not just the big stuff: colleges and universities are canceling spring fairs, senior formals, commencements, and more. Even the cancellation of smaller events can cause huge anguish. I’ve kept up with friends on the college debating circuit, and for them, the biggest news of last night wasn’t the NBA getting canceled or the new travel restrictions. It was the fact that the American Parliamentary Debate Association voted to cancel the remainder of its season. The standings were frozen, the winners quietly crowned. The ten-plus-year careers of college debaters across the country ended with just a few clicks of a Google form. “I can’t stop crying,” one senior told me, “but I also feel so damn selfish to be sad.” Monica Chin/@verge

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