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New York (The Verge) — Android 11 Developer Preview 2 is out with support for call screening, hinge angle detection, and more trib.al/fRn1X86.

Google’s latest Android 11 developer preview adds new support for foldables, 5G detection, and some privacy features. It’s only available on Pixel phones and isn’t meant to be a public beta.

Google is also adding an API so apps can check on a call’s SHAKEN/STIR status to make it easier to build call screening apps. It also adds the promised way for apps to check on the 5G status of the network, essentially an on / off switch in addition to the bandwidth estimator. It lets apps show a 5G icon if they’re on a 5G network, basically. I’m sure that carriers will be happy because it’ll give them yet another way to hype 5G. Dieter Bohn/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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