Expert — Person To Person Contact Is Primary Cause Of #Coronavirus Infection. #Surfaces Are Low Risk; #COVID19 #Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia (CTV News Vancouver) — Worried about the risk of COVID-19 from deliveries and groceries? Here's an expert's opinion. (From @ctv_mariaw)

With more people staying inside and having goods and groceries delivered to their homes, a UBC expert is reassuring people even though COVID-19 can survive on some surfaces for hours or even days, the risk is low compared to person to person contact.

Associate professor of food safety engineering Siyun Wang told CTV News there is a study showing the coronavirus can still be detected for up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.

“In order for them to be contaminated, an infected person must have coughed or sneezed on these contact surfaces a few hours or a couple of days before,” said Wang, calling that a “worst-case scenario.”

“Compared to worry about contaminated food products, I would be much much more concerned with again, person to person interactions,” Wang said, and added that’s why stores have been encouraging physical distancing.

Wang said people should also think about whether they’re touching something that’s likely to have been touched by a lot of other people recently, like a shopping cart or basket.

“Person to person contact…is the number one reason for the virus to spread,” Wang said. Maria Weisgarber/@CTVVancouver

Source: CTVVancouver, full story


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