#Vancouver City Council (@VanCityCouncil) Voted Unanimously To Fine Businesses, Individuals Not Following #SocialDistance; #COVID19

“If it takes shaming then so be it.”

Doctor says if Canadians are not fined for disobeying COVID-19 orders, the country will face dire consequences.


Vancouver, Nova Scotia and Quebec are among the municipalities and provinces that have announced penalties against those who don’t adhere to social-di…

Vancouver city council voted unanimously Monday to permit fines as high as $50,000 against businesses that don’t adhere to social distancing measures and up to $1,000 for individuals.

Mayor Kennedy Stewart said in a tweet that asking nicely for compliance has not worked. “This is serious. Now is the time to shut down, stay put, save lives.”


A spokesman for the mayor said in a statement bylaw officer will focus on businesses first, but people can be fined “if they don’t get the message.”

Source: TorontoStar, post


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