@RuPaulsDragRace #AllStars Winner, @TrinityTheTuck, Tweets Rebuttal On Instinct Magazine's (@instinctmag) Latest Read; #DragRace

Who ever wrote this article is TRASH! If you don’t like the show or the challenges they have do t watch it simple! To say that there are not clear front runners in season 12 is a bad and stupid opinion. Half the cast I could see win!

I’m tired of the shady gays who are columnist at these online magazines writing about how they think the show is blah blah blah. I get that not every challenge is going to be great ( improve was terrible) but everything else this season has been fun!

It’s important to have these conversations that the contestants have about what hardships they have gone through because many young viewers can relate.

I take this personal because as someone that benefited by this show, these type of articles discredit these new girls and future girls abilities which might hinder their opportunities! Over it!

Source: TrinityTheTuck, full story


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