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@bingslnzp @CPHO_Canada @JustinTrudeau Having no protocol of a plan of action in place for an airborne virus after SARS in MERS is mind blowing. However the only country that seemed to have a pandemic plan of action in place was Taiwan. Excellent write-up in regards to this in below link.

Taiwan and Canada had their first cases of coronavirus at about the same time, but their experiences have been different. Taiwanese children are still in school, and there's no shortage of supplies.

Inside Taiwan during COVID-19: How the country kept schools and businesses open throughout pandemic

Taiwan was hit hard by the SARS pandemic in 2003, but this time, the government took swift and early actions when it first became aware of an unknown pneumonia in Wuhan, China.

By mid-February, the territory had increased its mask and alcoholic sanitizer production, introduced fines for raising the price of medical supplies and set cleaning standards for public transportation and other areas, such as trains and schools.

In Taiwan, most public buildings, such as schools, train stations, restaurants and apartment buildings, have automatic hand sanitizing dispensers outside, with signs urging people to disinfect their hands before entering.

In Canada, a shortage of masks had health care professionals sounding the alarm weeks ago. Now, some hospitals are keeping a closer eye on medical supplies, such as masks, because equipment has gone missing.

Taiwan still has relatively few COVID-19 cases compared to Canada and, according to Dr. Ho, that's because of its fast response.

Gleeson also doesn't feel Canada has acted fast enough.

“I really feel like we dropped the ball,” she said. “It's done, but it's disappointing, and I hope we can learn some really big lessons from how other places handled this and how we did not.”

Dr. Ho agrees.

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