@Queerty — @RheaLitre Found A Way To Keep Performing During The COVID-19 Lockdown; #Drag #Live #LGBT

Check Out @Queerty’s Article on #QuarantineQueen! The First OG #DigitalDrag Show Established Monday, 3/16 8PM PST!

The twice-a-week show allows drag artists to entertain audiences at home, and make a living…

Litre has assembled a broad spectrum of queens and taken her act to Instagram live. Each week, she will present two drag shows in which drag artists can perform a virtual act, and give viewers an opportunity to tip. Not only does this innovation allow drag queens to continue their creative outlet and make an income, but it also broadens their audiences from the confines of a nightclub stage to a worldwide viewership.

Queerty snagged some time to chat with Litre about her new show, her plans for the future, and how she’s staying sane amid a citywide lockdown. #QuarantineQueen streams on Litre’s Instagram live Monday and Wednesday nights at 8pm PST. David Reddish/@Queerty

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