#Inventors Are Whipping Up Homemade #Ventilators To Fend Off A Shortage; #COVID19 #Pandemic

(TIME) — Inventors are whipping up homemade ventilators to fend off a shortage. Some doctors don't think it's a good idea.

Many inventors are creating ventilator alternatives to prevent a shortage caused by COVID-19. Some doctors don't think that's a good idea.

As the number of coronavirus diagnosesticks upward, inventors are resorting to increasingly creative solutions to stave off an impending ventilator shortage. But the stakes are high for getting it right—and some doctors aren’t sure resorting to emergency-made ventilators is worth the risk.

Dr. Ken Lyn-Kew, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health in Colorado, commends inventors for wanting to help, but says jerry-rigged ventilators that may not work as well as the real thing present doctors with yet anotherdifficult decision in the midst of the outbreak. “Do I do something that’s likely to be harmful for the sake of doing something,” he asks, “or do I not do something?”

Source: TIME, full story


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