House Of Commons Passes $73 Billions Wage #Subsidy Bill; #Canada #COVID19

#BREAKING NEWS: House of Commons passes $73 billion wage subsidy bill

The Trudeau government and opposition parties have passed the wage subsidy bill during a brief return to the House of Commons Saturday.

A bill to implement what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the most significant economic program since the Second World War was passed Saturday “on division” after some six hours of speeches and debate.

On division means there was some opposition among the handful of MPs in the chamber, but there was no recorded vote. It was not immediately clear who objected.

Passage of the legislation was assured after Conservatives dropped their attempt to tie the bill to the longer-term question of how Parliament should function in the midst of a national health crisis.

At a morning news conference just hours before the Commons met for a rare emergency sitting on the Easter long weekend, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said his party had agreed to support speedy passage of the bill and to continue discussions on the future of Parliament later.

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