#BioPages Makes Its Debut

BioPages-Cynthia-Lee-FontaineOur brand new BioPages free listing service makes it possible for talents and artists who doesn’t want to invest in putting up their own website or are tired of having to maintain too many social media bios.

When social media platforms are popping up like mushrooms, it gets more challenging to update bio data and contact information. What’s more, social media bio information are limited. Running a personal site also brings its’ own challenges, not to mention costs. Our BioPages aims to simplify and address all this. By using a single page to list all relevant personal, career background, past and upcoming projects, demo reels, PR and booking information, and up to eight online links, it’s more than enough information your prospect project partners and collaborators will need to get informed and reach out.

As with majority of bluebay700.com’s content, bio pages are themselves blurbs, so their short, concise and direct to the point.

Management contact information requires login to discourage bots and data scrapers.

BioPages are accessible from the Menu.

For our debut, we’re featuring the talented and lovely, Cynthia Lee Fontaine of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

BioPage requests are vetted and published in the order they’re received. Use Contact Us to send in requests – along with all relevant bio, contact and online info.


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