@Verge — “#Microsoft’s New #Windows #Package #Manager Is Already Better Than The Windows Store”

New York (The Verge) — Microsoft’s new Windows Package Manager is already better than the Windows Store trib.al/qP8msUG.

Microsoft has created a new Windows Package Manager. It’s designed to allow developers and power users to install their favorite apps from the command line. Microsoft is maintaining its own list of apps, and the package manager is already better than the Windows Store.

Microsoft creating its own Windows Package Manager (winget) is significant, and the command line tool is already more useful than the Windows Store. You can navigate to a command prompt, type “winget install Steam,” and the latest version of Valve’s Steam app will be installed on your system. Steam doesn’t even exist in the Windows Store right now; there are many apps already available on winget like Zoom, WinRAR, and Logitech Harmony Remote that are also missing from the Store.

As Windows Package Manager is only in preview and 24 hours old, it doesn’t have every app listed that you might want just yet. Windows Store apps aren’t available in winget yet, as Microsoft is maintaining its own separate repository of apps and validating them. Store app support is planned for a future update, though. The whole project is open source so other package managers can leverage the company’s validated packages. Software vendors will even be able to use Windows Package Manager as a distribution channel for apps, just like the Windows Store. Tom Warren/@verge

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