@ETNow — Bob The Drag Queen (@thatonequeen) On #BlackLivesMatter And The Queer Power Of #WereHere

Hollywood, CA (Entertainment Tonight) — ET spoke with @thatonequeen about using her voice to amplify the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The 'Drag Race' winner has big hopes for season 2 of the HBO series.

At the time of Bob's tweet, the masses hadn't yet taken to the streets in protest of police brutality and systemic racism. Since then, demonstrations have spread nationwide and around the globe, as people demand justice and affirm that, yes, Black Lives Matter.

“I feel invigorated. I feel inspired. I feel heard. I feel seen,” Bob (or Caldwell Tidicue out of drag) tells ET by phone from New York City. And though we have marched before, calling for change too many times to count, as Bob says, “Having everyone take to the streets is what got all of George Floyd's murderers charged and put in jail. So, I feel like people are listening now.”

And Bob is a voice to listen to, using his platform to amplify and educate, alongside RuPaul's Drag Race sisters, including Shea Couleé, Peppermint and Monét X Change. (As for why RuPaul himself has yet to speak out? “I couldn't even begin to speculate that,” he sighs.) And since the movement was always about more than four police officers, Bob will stay speaking out.

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