@TransLink — Please Wear A Face Covering When Riding On Bus, #SkyTrain, #SeaBus, And WCE

PressASAP-TranslinkPlease wear a face covering when riding on bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus, and WCE.

For everyone’s safety, please wear a face covering when riding transit. Non-medical masks, bandanas, scarves and cloth can all be used.

We’ve launched our Safe Operating Action Plan which outlines measures to keep Metro Vancouver moving safely as British Columbia’s economy restarts. Customers will notice several changes at stations and on vehicles designed to improve sanitation, promote physical distancing, and avoid overcrowding where possible, as outlined throughout this page. Please check back often for updates as we continue to evolve our response strategies.

Physical Distancing

* SkyTrain

Fare gates will be limited to enter or exit only to support physical distancing on platforms and trains. Please follow fare gate directional signage to use the appropriate gate.

* Bus

We’re asking customers to use bus seating when possible. Once restricted capacity is reached, the bus will not pick up any further passengers.

* SeaBus

SeaBus will run at half-capacity. Please board using the turnstiles at the terminals to ensure each vessel abides by the capacity limit.

Bus stops and station entranceways
Please stand on the 2 metre spaced decals while waiting to enter SkyTrain stations or for the next bus.

Source: TransLink


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