DIY Special Effect #Deepfakes Are Getting Closer To A Big-Screen Debut

New York (The Verge) — Disney’s deepfakes are getting closer to a big-screen debut….

Are deepfakes ready to be used on the big screen? Not quite yet, but new deepfake research from Disney shows they’re getting pretty damn close. The company’s researchers have debuted what they say is the first model capable of producing megapixel-resolution deepfakes.

In a video and paperbeing presented at a computer graphics conference this week, researchers from the House of Mouse show off what they say is the first photo-realistic deepfake at a megapixel resolution.

And the results are… pretty good! They’re not mind-blowing, certainly, and not good enough to be used in the next Marvel movie, but it’s a solid step up from deepfakes we’ve seen in the past.

As the researchers suggest, what’s new here is the megapixel resolution. Megapixels may no longer be the byword for high-quality images that they used to be. (The camera on your phone probably has a double-digit megapixel count for a start.) But so far, deepfake tech has focused on smooth facial transfers rather than amping up the pixel count.

The deepfakes you’ve probably seen to date may look impressive on your phone, but their flaws would be much more apparent on a larger screen. As an example, Disney’s researchers note that the maximum-resolution videos they could create from popular open-source deepfake model DeepFakeLab were just 256 x 256 pixels in size. By comparison, their model can produce video with a 1024 x 1024 resolution — a sizable increase. James Vincent/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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