@KameronMichaels Wiped Clean His Instagram For A Clean Slate; #DragRace #LGBT

DragCon-Kameron_Michaels-Crom-2I am fine. There is no stunt. No scandal. No big reveal. I’m not hiding anything. Without going into all the whiney details about my own personal issues, I simply want to start over. I began to scroll and look at past pictures/posts and I honestly don’t even recognize that person anymore. Doing whatever everyone else was doing for “likes” or “follows” in my past just made me cringe. I scrolled through 8 years of either narcissistic or pointless posts, and I’m disappointed in the things I posted for attention. I want everything that reminds me of that feeling gone. I began to tie my self worth in reality to that of my online content and I’m erasing that toxic behavior. I will repost some pictures that I don’t feel were shared in an attempt to garner the wrong attention and accurately represent how I see myself today.

As far as someone else doing the same thing I did, weirdly on the very same day…I have no idea why they or their team erased their content. It does not have any connection to me, nor is it even any of my business. The timing is weirdly coincidental and completely unrelated.

I look forward to returning with a fresh face and a positive state of mind, but I ask that you respect my privacy at this time.

I love you all
(and wear your f*cking mask)


Update: July 6, 2020
Kameron hiatus is over. Select old Instagram posts reappear, activity posting on Twitter again.

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