#Superstrata Unveils 3D-printed Unibody Electric Bike. But Is It Structurally Sound?

New York (The Verge) — Superstrata unveils “world’s first” 3D-printed unibody electric bike theverge.com/21318648/super….

Superstrata says its new 3D-printed bicycles are the “world’s first.” The company is an offshoot of composite materials manufacturer Arevo. The analog Terra and electric Ion are available for preorder starting in July.

The frame is unibody thermoplastic carbon fiber, meaning it’s manufactured as one single continuous piece rather than welded together from a dozen or so pieces like most bike frames. Superstrata says the use of thermoplastic materials makes it extremely impact-resistant yet remarkably lightweight. The frame weight of the Terra is 2.8 lbs (depending on the size), while the Ion clocks in at 24.2 lbs.

But the absence of a downtube really places the Superstrata in a class of its own. The only other bike you could possibly compare it to is Byar Bicycle’s shaft-driven Volta e-bike with its floating saddle and missing crosstube. And the Superstrata’s mag-style cast wheels echo zippy moped-like e-bikes by Juiced and others. Andrew J. Hawkins/@verge

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