@Verge — An Ex-Googler’s New Robot Reimagines The Future Of Home Automation

New York (The Verge) — An ex-Googler’s new robot reimagines the future of home automation trib.al/y8slerB.

Automating simple household tasks is one of the greatest challenges for roboticists. But a new startup named Hello Robot has a simple, lightweight, and cheap robot that it hopes will accelerate research in this area. Say hello to Stretch.

Stretch is not a consumer robot that’s ready to roll into your apartment and start doing the dishes, but rather a research platform that Edsinger and Kemp hope will lay the groundwork for home automation in the years to come. The bot’s lightweight and low-cost design could be a blueprint for future robots, especially those designed to help look after the elderly or people with physical disabilities, allowing companies to automate a range of household tasks the way the Roomba has automated vacuuming.

“Our long term mission is to see these types of robots in homes and workplaces being useful and helpful to people,” Edsinger tells The Verge. “What we anticipate now, though, is research labs, corporate R&D, and venture-backed startups using this for a variety of applications, all of which will move the ball forward for these mobile manipulators.” James Vincent/@verge

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