@Verge — British Chip Designer #Graphcore Unveils New #AI Processor More Complex Than #Nvidia’s

New York (The Verge) — British chip designer Graphcore unveils new AI processor more complex than Nvidia’s theverge.com/2020/7/15/2132….

Chip designer Graphcore has unveiled its latest hardware: the Colossus MK2 or GC200 IPU, a 7nm chip with 59.4 billion transistors — more than the number of transistors in Nvidia’s A100, which the firm announced earlier this year. Graphcore is one of a number of companies challenging established chipmakers with a focus on AI processing.

The processor has 59.4 billion transistors and offers an eight times performance increase from the company’s Colossus MK1, says Graphcore. It boasts more than the 54 billion transistors found in Nvidia’s A100, which previously held the title as the world’s largest processor, and which the American firm announced earlier this year.

Each GC200 chip has 1,472 independent processor cores and 8,832 separate parallel threads, all supported by 900MB of in-processor RAM. Graphcore will be making the GC200 available via its new IPU Machine, the M2000, which contains four GC200 chips in a package the size of a pizza box and which delivers 1 petaflop of total compute. The firm says its new hardware is “completely plug-and-play” and that customers will be able to connect up to 64,000 IPUs together for a total of 16 exaflops of computing power.

The announcement comes at a time when the chip world is still being shaken up by the advent of artificial intelligence. Training AI models requires highly parallel processors, a demand which has drawn new players to the market (like Graphcore) and even encouraged some existing tech giants (like Google) to make their own specialized chips. James Vincent/@verge

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