#Twitter #Hack Under Investigation By FBI And New York State

Washington, D.C. (All Tech Considered) — Twitter Hack Under Investigation By FBI And New York State.

Lawmakers and government agencies say the attack exposes vulnerabilities in the social network's systems that could be exploited to spread disinformation.

The FBI said on Thursday that it had opened an investigation into the hack of Twitter accounts, including those of former President Barack Obama, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and rapper Kanye West. Hackers took over those accounts in a matter of minutes on Wednesday afternoon and posted messages asking followers to send Bitcoin to a specific, untraceable address.

The attack, which appears to be the largest and most coordinated in Twitter's history, is raising questions about the vulnerability of a platform that serves as a major communications channel for companies, news outlets and politicians — including President Trump, who frequently uses Twitter to announce public policy.

Source: npralltech, full story


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