@NPR — Judge: Facebook's $550 Million Settlement In Facial Recognition Case Is Not Enough

(NPR) — Facebook agreed to settle a class-action suit claiming it violated users' privacy by scanning faces in its “tag suggestion” feature.

The deal was expected to let Illinois users collect $150.

But the judge is demanding that Facebook pay much more.

The judge says those who alleged to have had their privacy violated are entitled to a bigger payout. He said “it just doesn't seem right” that members of the class action would be shortchanged.

Facebook agreed earlier this year to pay $550 million to settle the case, which claims that the tech giant illegally used facial-recognition technology in its “tag suggestions” service.

The deal was the largest-ever payout as the result of a class-action lawsuit alleging online privacy violations.

It was brought under an Illinois biometric privacy law that allows people who have had their faces scanned for data without written consent to sue for damages of at least $1,000 per violation.

But under the settlement, people who have had their face data harvested in Illinois are expected to receive checks of just $150.

Source: NPR, full story


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