@NPR — #Minnesota Lawmakers Ban Police Chokeholds

(NPR) — Minnesota lawmakers have voted to pass a bill banning police use of chokeholds.

The bill also prohibits “warrior-style training” and explicitly states officers have a “duty to intercede and report” if they see a colleague break use-of-force rules.

The bill's most high-profile sections put new limits on police use of force in a bid to increase accountability nearly two months after George Floyd's killing in Minneapolis.

The bill's most high-profile sections would place new limits on police use of force and prohibit “warrior-style training” — which encourages officers to act aggressively in a way that “deemphasizes the value of human life or constitutional rights,” the legislation states.

If Gov. Tim Walz signs the measure as expected, many of the changes would take effect immediately.

The governor praised the legislation on Tuesday as “a critical step toward justice.”

George Floyd's death on May 25 caused outrage over police use of deadly force and led to sustained protest movements in dozens of U.S. cities. All four police officers involved in the incident were fired the day after Floyd was killed. They now face criminal charges that range from aiding and abetting to second-degree murder.

Source: NPR, full story


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