@Twitter Likely To Start Testing Ad-Free Subscriptions Later In 2020

Los Angeles, CA (Variety) — Would you pay for a zero-ads version of Twitter? The social network will “likely” launch a test of a subscription version later this year, according to CEO Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey discussed the company's “very, very early phases of exploring” a subscription offering for Twitter. He didn't provide an indication of how much a Twitter subscription might cost. The question came up on Twitter's second quarter earnings call Thursday, following reports this month that Twitter was seeking to hire engineers to work on a subscription product code-named “Gryphon.”

“First and foremost, we have a really high bar for when we would ask consumers to pay for aspects of Twitter,” Dorsey said. “We have focused majority of our attention on increasing revenue durability, meaning that we have multiple lines of revenue to pull from. But most importantly, we want to make sure that any new line of revenue is complementary to our advertising business.”

Twitter thinks a subscription business could be complementary to the company's core advertising business, and currently has a small team exploring the options for subscriptions, according to Dorsey.

In releasing Q2 earnings, the company said it has completed a rebuild of its ad server, … Todd Spangler/@Variety

Source: Variety, full story


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