@Verge — Virgin Galactic Unveils The Interior Cabin Of Its Tourist Spaceplane

Virgin Galactic unveils the interior cabin of its tourist spaceplane theverge.com/2020/7/28/2134….

On July 28th, Virgin Galactic unveiled the design of the cabin located inside VSS Unity, the spaceplane the company plans to use to take paying customers to the edge of space and back.

Virgin Galactic, helmed by billionaire Richard Branson, had high hopes of showing off the new cabin design during a spectacular in-person event, in keeping with Virgin’s theme of flashy unveils. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Virgin Galactic decided to make the cabin unveiling a virtual one. During a live stream event today at 1PM ET, the company will take enthusiasts on a virtual walkthrough of the cabin, while those looking for a more personalized experience can download a smartphone app, which displays the inside and the outside of the spaceship in augmented reality. The company loaned me and other journalists Oculus Quest headsets, allowing us to get the immersive experience of seeing the cabin with our own eyes. Loren Grush/@verge

Source: verge, article


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