#CBSA Cracks Down On Foreigners Crossing Border To Drive To Alaska

#BREAKING NEWS: CBSA takes tougher action on Alaska loophole bit.ly/33c6jc2.

Canada is cracking down on Americans and others foreigners who may be breaking the rules by saying they're headed to Alaska but plan to vacation here instead.

As of July 31, anyone travelling to Alaska from the U.S. will be restricted to five points of entry: the B.C. crossings at Abbotsford-Huntington, Kingsgate, and Osoyoos, the Alberta crossing at Coutts, and the Saskatchewan crossing at North Portal.

In addition to a restriction on where to enter Canada, visitors will also have to take the most direct route from the point of entry to the point of exit, “while avoiding all national parks, leisure sites and tourism activities.”

Travellers will also be given a “reasonable period of stay” to get to Alaska, and will be required to report to a CBSA agent to confirm they’re leaving Canada before entering the U.S. again.

Source: BT_Vancouver, article


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