Norwegian Startup Desert Control Wants To Turn Dubai's Desert Into Farmland

(CNN) — In March, a team traveled to Dubai and planted watermelon, zucchini and pearl millet in a plot of desert.

Five months later, the arid land is punctuated by freshly grown fruits and vegetables, made possible by an innovation called Liquid Nanoclay.

With its new technology, Desert Control can grow watermelons in the sand.

According to Desert Control, the mixture increases the fertility of nutrient-poor sandy soils and can reduce water usage by more than half. What's more, Liquid Nanoclay can turn arid land into arable land in just seven hours, says the company.

Invented in the mid 2000's by Norwegian scientist Kristian Olesen, Desert Control's technology turns thick clay into a liquid “nearly as thin as water,” explains CEO Ole Kristian Sivertsen. When sprayed onto sand, this runny consistency allows it to “trickle down and percolate out,” he says. Stephanie Bailey, CNN/@CNN

Source: CNN, full story


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