Thailand’s Low COVID-19 Infections Baffles Experts, Even With Relatively Low Test Rates

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“Thailand’s low rate of #COVID19 cases appears to be shared by other countries in the Mekong River basin — Vietnam 0 deaths, 0 new cases in past 3mos; Myanmar 336 cases; Cambodia 166; & Laos 19 cases. It's testing rates remain relatively low.”


Can the country’s low rate of coronavirus infections be attributed to culture? Genetics? Face masks? Or a combination of all three?

In January, Thailand confirmed the world’s first case of the coronavirus outside of China — in a tourist from Wuhan, the central Chinese city where the outbreak begun.

Another wave of infections was set off by people arriving from Japan, Europe and the United States. A Thai boxing event turned into a super-spreader event. But after a lockdown was enforced in March, shuttering businesses and schools, domestic transmissions subsided. All of Thailand’s recent cases have been among people who arrived from overseas

Thais were quick to adopt wearing face masks early in the pandemic and maintain social distancing when using public transportation.

Thailand’s low rate of infection appears to be shared by other countries in the Mekong River basin. Vietnam has not recorded a single death and has logged about three months without a case of community transmission. Myanmar has confirmed 336 cases of the virus, Cambodia 166 and Laos just 19.

Yunnan, the southwestern Chinese province through which the Mekong flows before meandering to Southeast Asia, had fewer than 190 cases. None are active now.

Questions are also being raised about why migrant workers who were deported from Thailand arrived home and immediately tested positive for the disease, despite not being included in the official Thai count of coronavirus cases. Thailand’s testing rates remain relatively low.

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