Peppermint (@Peppermint247) Talks New Album “A Girl Like Me” And A Possible Return To #Drag Race; #LGBT #Music #AllStars

Queen @Peppermint247 calls her new album a “”love trilogy”” and dishes on if she would return for #DragRace 'All-Stars.'

On channeling heartbreak into music, championing trans representation and 'All Stars.'

A Girl Like Me: Letters to My Lovers (dropping later this year) is the first of three EPs, featuring five new tracks including the single “Best Sex.” It's a softer side of Peppermint, and a more sensual one, too. And if that makes you blush? “Good,” she deadpans. But A Girl Like Me is also bigger than Pep.

“It really does focus on my life — who I am as a trans woman — and everything that's happening right now [with] Black Lives Matter, Black Trans Lives Matter and a lot of the issues that we are dealing with socially,” she explains. “It's my fantasy album of love songs sung by a trans woman in a way that speaks directly to trans women. It allows space for people to hear what it's like to be a trans woman and what we go through and to see maybe we're more alike than one may assume.”

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