@Variety — #HBO “We’re Here” : #Emmy-Nominated Show Succeeds By Focusing On “Compassion Instead Of Conflict” — Shangela (@itsSHANGELA), @EurekaOHara & Bob The Drag Queen (@thatonequeen); #LGBT #DragRace

Los Angeles, CA (Variety) — Each year the list of Emmy nominees is rightfully analyzed and scrutinized for diversity. The list of LGBTQ Emmy nominees is then further examined for its own racial and gender diversity, but that analysis consistently has overlooked the geographic diversity of LGBTQ people. Though GLAAD’s latest TV report found the largest number of LGBTQ characters ever, LGBTQ people and stories outside of major cities are immensely underrepresented in entertainment.

That’s why this year’s Emmy nomination for HBO’s “We’re Here” in outstanding unstructured reality series deserves attention and should send a message to the broader industry about the necessity and the power of telling stories of LGBTQ people living outside of urban centers.

As the industry undergoes self-reflection and begins to prioritize diversity, LGBTQ people in rural America, and the power of showcasing the interaction between LGBTQ people and their neighbors in these cities, cannot be underestimated or overlooked. Last year, the Movement Advancement Project released a report that estimated between 2.9 million and 3.8 million LGBTQ people live in rural parts of the country, making up 3-5% of the estimated 62 million people who live in rural America.

This year, the Television Academy was largely applauded for … Rich Ferraro/@Variety

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