Kennedy Davenport’s Twitter Account Got Hacked (@kennedyddoftx) ; #DragRace #AllStars #LGBT

#DragRace #AllStars

Kennedy Davenport's twitter got hacked by idkrude.

(@ kennedyddoftx)

Please got to her profile and report it to Twitter as hacked.

Also, contact her if you can.


A hacker took over Kennedy Davenport's twitter account and started promoting a password scraper and another account (@idkrude).

Her friends were reduced to 1 while her followers and bio remain unchanged.

The hacker posted very uncharacteristic tweets like “I do not support women or blacks,” which caught the attention of many fans.

As of this writing, Davenport is still trying to regain control of her account.

[ UPDATE 2020-09-02 ]
After snowballing reports from Drag Race fans and alums, the hacker, who’s allegedly from Australia, handed over Kennedy Davenport’s Twitter to Drag Race UK alum Blu Hydrangea.



Source: bluebay700


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