Hong Kong's First #CBD Cafe Is Open For Business

(CNN) — Hong Kong's very first CBD cafe has opened as the sale of non-medicinal CBD products is quietly emerging in Asia.

Though cannabis remains illegal in Hong Kong, one cafe owner is leading the way in the emerging CBD market. Here's how Found has managed to skirt the city's strict cannabis laws.

It's hard to tell on the surface, but with its vanilla-chic aesthetic of unfinished wood floors, blank white walls and a few nondescript plants, it's hardly the place you go to whisper “weed, please.”

And yet, according to the owner, that happens now and then at Found, Hong Kong's very first CBD cafe.

Inside is a full range of CBD — short for cannabidiol — products for sale.

The vials of CBD oils are recommended for personal use, and a drop under the tongue promises to alleviate sleeplessness. By Zoe Li, CNN/@CNN

Source: CNN, full story


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