#Mulan Will Be Available To All #DisneyPlus Subscribers In December 4th For No Extra Cost

Los Angeles, CA (Variety) — Disney Plus customers who shell out $30 for “Mulan” starting Friday, Sept. 4, will get the first look at the live-action remake — but in three months, all subscribers to the streaming service will get access to “Mulan” for no extra charge.

Starting Sept. 4, “Mulan” will be available to Disney Plus subscribers who pay the additional $29.99 early-access fee, on top of the regular $6.99-per-month subscription. “Your access to 'Mulan' will continue as long as you are an active Disney Plus subscriber,” the Disney Plus website says.

The “Mulan” Premier Access offer will be available until Nov. 2. Then, as of Dec. 4, 2020, “Mulan” will be available to all Disney Plus subscribers for no additional cost, according to an updated page on the service's site, as previously spotted by the Verge.

Last month, Disney announced that it would release “Mulan” first as an early-access option on Disney Plus, bypassing theatrical distribution after several delays in its release schedule stemming from the COVID crisis.

For Disney, the unanswered question is how many Disney Plus subscribers will decide to pay $30 for early access to “Mulan” instead of waiting three months — and whether the media … Todd Spangler/@Variety

Source: Variety, full story


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