Data Scientist — #Facebook Ignored Blatant Political Manipulation Around The World

New York (The Verge) — Facebook ignored blatant political manipulation around the world, claims former data scientist….

A fired Facebook data scientist has written a 6,600-word memo condemning the company for ignoring evidence the platform was wielded to sway public opinion and manipulate elections around the world. The data scientist, Sophie Zhang, was fired earlier this month and posted the memo on her final day.

The data scientist, Sophie Zhang, implies she was fired after bringing her concerns to upper management and being told to stop focusing on issues beyond the scope of her role, which involved analyzing the platform to identity “coordinated inauthentic behavior,” Facebook’s phrase for bot networks and other malicious activity with ulterior motives like influencing election outcomes and promoting or undermining various political candidates and controversial topics. The memo indicates she also turned down a $64,000 severance package because it involved signing a non-disparagement agreement that would have restricted her ability to speak publicly about the company. Nick Statt/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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