James Ross (@creatoriv) Delves Into #EroticArt. The #Onlyfans Gig; #LGBT #DragRace

Atlanta, GA (James Ross) — Artistic expression of the human body tending to arouse sexual desire and stimulation. #EroticArt onlyfans.com/creatoriv.


Retired drag queen and “RuPaul's Drag Race” season 2 winner, James Ross, or best known for his drag persona Tyra Sanchez, is the first of a handful of Drag Race alums who embarked on the Onlyfans gig in 2020.

This year, at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, and eventual lockdowns and social distancing measures in an effort to combat the spread of infections, more and more Drag Race alums flocked to digital ventures such as Cameo, Twitch and Parteon platforms to supplement their stalled gig-based career.

Unlike the payback of the aforementioned platforms, which can be either a one-time transaction or event-based which requires a greater deal of effort to produce, Onlyfans on the other hand offers a more potentially lucrative deal with a much practical outlay and the promise of a recurring return of investment. The catch is… content are expected to be risqué. As the saying goes, “sex sells.”

With the lure of monthly subscriptions — with some charging more than the popular steaming platforms – in exchange for explicit content, other Drag Race alums followed suit, like Katya Zamolodchikova (https://onlyfans.com/realkatyazamo), Plastique Tiara (https://onlyfans.com/plastiquetiara) and The Vixen (https://onlyfans.com/UntuckedTony).

Drag Race alums already has one of the basic ingredients of a successful Onlyfans gig, massive loyal followers.

The once taboo platform, exclusively used by adult entertainers and “sex trade” workers is now normalized as a direct result of the pandemic. Fitness fanatics, gogo boys, and even the average Joe has found a niche… a sideline gig… to make ends meet. Even if a content producer charges $4 a month, multiply that by a hundred, that's not so bad. Some having hundreds, even thousands of subscribers, charges $15 or more a month, explains why some of these Onlyfans content producers are boasting a luxurious lifestyle, as shown on their Instagram stories. All it takes is a thick skin… and some extra meat.

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