Drag Royalty @LatriceRoyale And Christopher Hamblin (@chrislhamblin) Celebrates Their Second Wedding Anniversary. Condragulations! ; #DragRace #AllStars #LGBT

Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of my marriage to my beloved Timothy Wilcots aka @latriceroyale even though we have been together for almost 8 years. Despite the obstacles 2020 has shown us, this photo by @thedragphotographer captures the attitude with which we are

move forward. #Confident and #Unbotherred I literally don’t know where I would be without you, my dear #lovinghusband. I hope we feel as good as we look in this photo every day for the rest of our lives. LOL Thank you for believing in me, choosing me, marrying me,

and being the only one that can deal with me. LOLy With 40 right around the corner and no end in sight to the mess the world is in, I’m beyond grateful to have you by my side. Love you, babe. And happy second anniversary. Let’s keep making them #eat it!!!!

Not all that came through right, but love ya babe LOL

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