BREAKING: @RuPaul Tweets, Endorses Olivia Newton-John Foundation (@onjfoundation); #LGBT #DragRace #BeyondCancer

PressASAP-RuPaul-Top-50-LGBTQVancouver, BC (PressASAP) — “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Queen Mother, RuPaul, posts her first tweet since late March, endorsing the Olivia Newton-John Foundation. RuPaul “disappeared” from social media just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit North America in March. She deleted all her posts on Instagram and deactivated her Twitter account. Then in September, her Twitter account was reactivated.

Since March, RuPaul only appeared on television for Drag Race season 12 season finale — taped from home due to the pandemic lockdown — and to accept Emmy 2020 award won by the show. Her absence wasn’t absolute. She appeared on “Canada’s Drag Race” Season 1 in various parts like Ru-Mail and “Drag Race Las Vegas Revue”, which were both filmed before the pandemic struck in North America. And when Chi Chi DeVayne passed away, she offered her condolences through the show’s official channels.

However, the lack of her active presence on social media was undeniable. When the Black Lives Matter was triggered by the death of George Floyd, and the ensuing wave of rallies dominating the headlines, RuPaul was silent. RuPaul is a beacon of love and the source of wisdom for the LGBT community. The community could’ve really used an authoritative figure, a strong voice, when the community was facing an onslaught of oppression on many sides, on top of the challenges of the pandemic… but RuPaul’s star dim.

There were no explanations offered as to why RuPaul suddenly disappeared and remained silent for months, but that’s in the past. We’re just happy that she’s back among the living. And that’s enough to be thankful for.

Olivia Newton-John has started a new foundation to find kinder ways to treat, prevent & cure all cancers, with a strong focus on plant medicine. Follow & support @onjfoundation #beyondcancer @therealonj #onjfoundation

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