#Interview: @Sasha_Velour Talks The World On Fire With @BluntMag; #DragRace #LGBT


We catch up with icon Sasha Velour, on everything from winning RuPaul's Drag Race in 2017 to her show NightGowns hitting Quibi.

Being a drag queen and artist in America of course gives Velour a unique perspective on understanding what can happen when bigots outlay their issues with anyone that’s different. With her NightGowns live show, Velour raises money to contribute to community causes. When the pandemic sidelined that, she used a digital show on YouTube to achieve the same outcome, contributing the funds to black trans organisations.

“Money, actions and conversations really do make a difference,” she points out. “But I also think there’s something utopian about a drag show, and then maybe I use that word a little too much…We have a chance to create our own little space that can function by maybe a better guiding principle, ideas of equality and representation. And so hopefully by showing even ourselves that it’s possible to make things and move forward in a different way, that can trickle down and show other people that it’s possible as well.”

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