@Sasha_Velour's Zine Creation Casually Sashays Into @VogueMagazine. Yaaas Gawd! ; #DragRace #LGBT #Creative

when @voguemagazine features your vacation pics.

“I wanted to redeem monstrosity and give it a queer twist.”

The costume in question was a yellow leotard designed by Diego Montoya, which was originally supposed to be worn as an underlay—but with seashell breast plates and crystals and pearl embellishments, it had statement-piece potential. It instantly inspired a new idea for Velour, who is known for her abstract drag style. (In the past, her looks have included golden cyborg realness and re-creations of Edvard Munch’s iconic painting, The Scream.) “I imagined what my ideal sexy summer look would be, since we were trapped at home away from all swimming pools,” Velour says. “I dreamed of being a sickly sea monster with gnashing teeth and horrible warty hands, covered in gorgeous pearls.” Christian Allaire/@sasha_velour

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