Further Erosion Of Real Purpose: The Commercialization Of @NASA #Space Missions. Are Astronauts Underpaid?

(NPR) — Estée Lauder is reportedly paying $17,500 an hour to have astronauts take photos and videos of its skincare serum in space. NASA has set aside 90 hours of crew time for commercial and marketing activities like this.

NASA has recently sent some Estée Lauder skin care products up to the International Space Station.

Estée Lauder will auction off at least one of the 10 bottles they're flying into space for charity, Gatens said in an interview with NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday.

Even if the astronauts wanted to record themselves using the product — a la the Get Ready With Me videos that many an influencer has posted to YouTube to show off their beauty routines — they wouldn't be able to. As government employees, they're restricted from participating in sponsoring products.

Source: NPR, full story


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