Detox Icunt (@TheOnlyDetox) — She's Not Playing Around; More For Gemini…. OK! Tees; #DragRace #AllStars #LGBT #HeyTwitter

Ask and you shall receive! #MoreForGemini tees are now available! @TheBiancaDelRio vehemently exclaims “OK”! Thanks for the design @emardoug!….

You’re feeling pretty good about the changes you’ve been making to your wardrobe, but today…..more for Gemini…. Show your Gemini spirit with Detox's signature 'More for Gemini' tee! For more daily accidental affirmations, follow @theonlyDetox on twitter Bianca Del Rio vehemently proclaims, ‘OK’.   This T ships 1-2 week

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