@Sasha_Velour Reacts To Quibi Shutdown; #DragRace #NightGowns #LGBT #SVOD

I am sad to hear the news about @quibi (we were already in pre-production for S2 of #NightGowns) but this is not the end of the show. I am so excited to keep working on the project and look forward to being able to share more with you soon!…

I am forever grateful to the team at Quibi for loving NightGowns and giving us the platform and resources to showcase our art and tell queer stories on our own terms. Wishing that fantastic team the very best.

I also want to send my love to everyone who's come out and supported NightGowns over the years; you've watched us perform in dive bars, music venues, grand theatres, and even the (very small) screen! Your enthusiasm helped make this series possible!!!

It is an honor to be able to show people all over the world our idea of what a fantastic drag show can be… and we're just getting started. xoxox

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