@Verge — #SpaceX Begins Public Beta Testing Of #Starlink Constellation At $99 A Month

SpaceX begins public beta testing of Starlink constellation at $99 a month theverge.com/2020/10/27/215….

Late on October 26th, SpaceX sent out emails to interested users about participating in public beta testing for the Starlink constellation, a global initiative to provide broadband internet coverage from space.

The company sent out emails to people who had signed up on SpaceX’s Starlink website to hear updates about the program. One user posted an email to Reddit last night, and CNBC later confirmed the email after seeing screenshots. The Verge also confirmed the veracity of the email with sources familiar with the matter. They requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the program. SpaceX did not respond to a request for comment.

For Starlink, SpaceX envisions launching a massive constellation of nearly 12,000 satellites into low orbits over Earth in order to beam continuous broadband internet services to the ground below. The company claims such a giant number of satellites are needed so that at least one satellite will be above any area of the globe at all times. So far, SpaceX has launched nearly 900 Starlink satellites, though a handful of the vehicles have failed in orbit, while the company has actively taken others out of orbit. Musk has said that SpaceX would need 800 satellites in space to provide “significant operational capabilities.” Loren Grush/@verge

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