@AP — Illinois Judge OKs Extradition Of Rittenhouse To Wisconsin

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (AP) — Illinois authorities have turned Kyle Rittenhouse over to Wisconsin authorities. Christopher Covelli, a spokesman for Illinois’ Lake County Sheriff’s Office, said…

In his six-page written ruling rejecting Kyle Rittenhouse’s bid to remain in Illinois, Judge Paul Novak noted that defense attorneys had characterized the Wisconsin charges as politically motivated.

“This Illinois court shall not examine any potential political impact a Wisconsin District Attorney potentially considered in his charging decision,” Novak wrote. He added that, according to Illinois law, it is not for an Illinois judge to “reevaluate probable cause determined by a Wisconsin court.”

The ruling came several hours after a hearing on the matter. It was not immediately clear how soon Rittenhouse might be transferred to Wisconsin or whether he might appeal.

Source: AP, full story


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