@EW — Bianca Del Rio (@TheBiancaDelRio), Lady Bunny (@LADYBUNNY77) Unite For Explicit HHN: Hateful Hags Network TV Special

NYC (LADY BUNNY) — SOME GOOD NEWS! Thanks to @EW & @joeynolfi for the exclusive announcement of HHN: HATEFUL HAGS NETWORK starring @TheBiancaDelRio & me! If you love dish on @RuPaulsDragRace @dragraceukbbc @canadasdragrace, then this show's for you!


Bianca Del Rio, Lady Bunny reunite for 'HHN: Hateful Hags Network' comedy special.

Premiering Thursday, Nov. 12 at 8 p.m. on Vimeo, the HHN: Hateful Hags Network sees producer-stars Del Rio and Bunny anchoring a newsroom where the only headlines are insults and dirty jokes, with extra gags, costume changes, and a musical number by a surprise guest in the mix as well.

Source: LADYBUNNY77, full story


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