#DragRace Icon Pandora Boxx (@ThePandoraBoxx) Tweeted About What @JoeBiden’s Victory Means For Her; #AllStars #LGBT #USA #Politics

PressASAP_ThePandoraBoxx-1225600719979343872.jpgIf you’ve never felt what it’s like to not have the same rights as other citizens or have your rights taken away, you might not understand the joy we are feeling now. For four years hate has been spewed, trans rights have been taken away…

white supremacists have not been denounced, blatant racism accepted, violence on peaceful protestors encouraged and more and more and more. You are lucky if you’ve just always had all of your rights as an American citizen. You are privileged if you will never experience racism..

You are blessed if you have always been free to marry the one you love. There are millions of us who have lived our whole lives feeling like we aren’t truly accepted. Be it because of our sexual orientation, gender, identity or race or all of them together. Today there is hope..

Today one loud, powerful hate-filled voice has been told: NO MORE! Love is love. Love will win. <3

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