#socialmedia: Trump Fanatics Are Leaving Facebook And Twitter En Masse For Conservative Haven App Parler. Bye, Bitch!

…great! they can offload all their brainwashing and lies… errr… alternative facts… errr… misinformation… there. kinda like how terrorists indoctrinates new recruits… some offense intended.


Verge —— Parler, a conservative Twitter clone, has seen nearly 1 million downloads since Election Day.

Conservative angst over President Trump’s loss has resulted in a surge of downloads for Parler, a conservative social network founded as an ideological alternative to Facebook and Twitter. According to data from SensorTower, Parler’s app saw 980,000 downloads in total between November 3rd (Election Day) and November 8th, with more than half of those downloads (636,000) coming on Sunday alone. (The totals represent both Google Play Store and iOS App Store downloads.)

Parler has been a central hub for many of the conservative protests against recent election results, including the ongoing “Stop the Steal” campaign. A number of prominent conservativepundits have urged followers to join the network in recent days, out of frustration with moderation on Twitter and Facebook.

It has also become a haven for the kind of right-leaning conspiracy theories that are discouraged on the larger networks — particularly regarding the election. In a digest email on Monday, Parler listed its top post as a report from the Falun Gong-aligned NTD News, alleging supposed “statistical anomalies” in recent vote counts.

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